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Hello, my name is Miriam.

I am the founder and director of Porta Creative.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs find clarity, direction and purpose for their brands. For me, knowledge becomes powerful when mixed with creativity.

I look forward to get to know your brand better and define together what the next step is to promote it or make it a reality.

More about me

I started my experience with brands, working in marketing and public relations agencies in Los Angeles, CA, at the age of 15.

I graduated with a degree in graphic design in 2010, started my career as a freelancer in 2011, and founded the Porta Creative agency in 2014, where we have created more than 100 brands for multiple industries in Mexico and the United States, working with more than 400 brands over the years.

I have participated as a mentor in university programs for undergraduate students in graphic design.

Continuing education is essential to advise and guide my clients.

Brand Audit
Foro Alfa (Course)

Brand Strategy
Foro Alfa (Course)

Branding: The Creative Journey
IE Business School (Certification)

Design & Innovation Thinking
CEDIM The School of Design (Certificate Program)

CORE Discover
(Framework and methodology)

GIVE ALL Design Strategy
(Framework and methodology)

Books I recommend on strategy, branding, marketing and entrepreneurship

Seth Godin

Foundr Version 1.0
World’s Most Influential Entrepreneurs

Steal Like an Artist
Austin Kleon

Dirección de Marketing
Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller

The Science of Self Discipline
Peter Hollins

Sell or Be Sold
Grant Cardone

The Brand You
Tom Peters

El Secreto de un Restaurante
Magnético Roberto Brisciani

The Psychology of Graphic Design Pricing
Michael Janda

Jennifer Dulski

Logo Construction
Paula Yacomuzzi

Steve Jobs Lecciones de Liderazgo
Walter Isaacson

The Win Without Pitching Manifesto
Blair Enns

101 Things I Learned in Advertising School
Tracy Arringnton with Matthew Frederick

Let’s dedicate 50 minutes to learn about your brand.

With questions formulated for discovery, I will be able to uncover great information and guide you.