Porta Creative

Visual Identity

We create original logo ideas based on concepts; we define the symbol that will represent your brand’s promise;

…we can also make all the essential sales materials that your prospects and
customers will interact with; we call them Touchpoints.

What do you receive?

You will receive logo concepts based on your brand’s personality and its
new name.

Your comments and feedback are critical; there will always be opportunities to ask for adjustments, create variations of the logo concepts and combine new ideas. We always include several revisions as part of our
creative process.

Our Process


Complete editable, print, and web files

Logo concepts and mockups

Business card, email signature, letterhead, and more

Brand book

( G R A P H I C S , T E X T U R E S , P A T T E R N S , T Y P O G R A P H Y , A N D C O L O R P A L E T T E

Profile images, banners, and graphic posts examples for social media

After a branding project…
What’s next?

Launching your brand to the world.

We offer more services that will help your brand grow and have a strong presence in the market.

Schedule a consulting session today to get to know each other; if we do not offer the service your brand needs, we will contact you with a provider from our network of experts.