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Brand Strategy
Rediscover the identity and purpose of your brand.
Obtain clarity about who are your ideal clients and their motivations.
Define the main messages that will guide the content of your brand.
Who participates?

It’s essential that we invite people with key roles in your team, a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 5 people can participate under the program for this workshop.

How long?

Please block 4 hours of your day to focus on your brand and it’s strategy for 2022. We can also have 2 sessions of 2 hours each if you prefer.

Why a Brand Strategy workshop?

One you gain clarity about what your brand is and isn’t, about who are and who are not your clients, about how it should and should not communicate, you will be able to take hundreds of decisions about branding, marketing, advertising, hiring, communication and growth during 2022 with more confidence than ever, because you now know the purpose and dirección of your brand.

What do I receive?

Apart from clarity, direction and a clear understanding about where your brand should be directed, you will receive a guide with all the information, purpose and goals we clarified during our Workshop session, this document also includes up to 30 brand messaging examples to guide your brands content creation for social media, and even your website.

One-time payment


Materials, paper, slides, markers, pens and post-it notes needed for Branding Strategy exercises are provided during our workshop.



If you have any questions about if our new Brand
Strategy workshop, if for you and your team,
schedule a free online session, we will answers all of your questions:

Extra benefits
from our workshop


A unique opportunity to define the purpose of your brand through out your team. If every one of them acquire more knowledge about the brand, they will feel more integrated as a team.


It is the best time to involve your team in an organized way with the security of exercises guided by an external facilitator, with a fresh perspective on your brand.
To schedule your Brand Strategy workshop session, send us a message here, we will get back to you immediately with available dates and details.

Maybe you’re not asking yourself the right questions. With strategic exercises and questions formulated for discovery, we will be able to guide you towards smarter decisions.